Do you wish to learn about delicious, international snacks which can comprise of a rich selection
of herbs and spices? How about snacks that can surround you with an aromatic, market-side
feel? Or perhaps just a childhood reminder of the mouthwatering munchies enjoyed from your
younger days, which are even valued and enjoyed to this day? Look no further than
Nigeria. Deep in West Africa, Nigerian cuisine is often characterized by its colorful vibrancy and flavor, mixed in with an array of homemade sauces. Here, we have described four irresistible treats that originate from Nigeria.

Puff Puff
Puff Puffs are a spongy, deep-fried dish that spring right up to the touch. They look exactly
as their name suggests: round, fluffy balls that are said to be a must at any party or celebration.
Puff Puffs simply consist of flour, yeast, ground nutmeg, salt, and granulated sugar if you like. In addition, water and vegetable oil are required for the cooking process. These tiny
treats can be drizzled with a stew-like sauce and served with fried fish. To give you an idea of
their taste and texture, Puff Puffs are typically considered to be Nigerian doughnuts. Try them for yourself!

Chin Chin
Chin Chins are another deep-fried snack, but this time with a noticeably crunchier texture. It is
regarded as the official Christmas snack of Nigeria. Much like Puff Puffs, these treats are also
popular appetizers at parties and loved by both adults and kids alike. Chin Chin is made of plain
flour, peak milk, margarine, granulated sugar, and ground nutmeg. If you prefer a more soft and
doughy texture, baking powder and eggs can be added to the mix. Fun fact: Chin Chin can be
fresh for up to a month if stored properly!

Coconut candy
Coconut candy is a sweet and chewy treat that can be made with minimal ingredients in minimal
time. All it requires is grated coconut and granulated white sugar! If needed, white sugar can be
substituted for unrefined cane sugar. Be warned: because Coconut Candy is primarily made of
sugar, it is highly suggested that it should be eaten in moderation. Like Chin Chin, Coconut Candy can be stored for up to a month. In addition, depending on how it is prepared, Coconut Candy can be fixed to have a more crunchy texture rather than its known sweet chewiness.

Kokora is a long, rod-like snack which is, yet again, a crunchy delicacy of Nigeria. Kokoro is
usually sold by street vendors, but can be made at home for the family to enjoy. Ingredients to
make Kokoro are cornmeal, garri, sugar (can be substituted with honey), and cayenne pepper.
Powdered ginger is optional for additional flavor. There are also different variations of the
popular snack, with thinner dough making the treats crunchier and more jaw-breaking. Whether
you prepare these treats yourself or buy them packaged, make sure you pair these delicious
snacks with refreshing fruit juices.