Canada is a North American country famous for its cultural diversity. While very diverse in culture, Canada offers many unique cuisines and snacks. The following are five of the most famous and well-loved treats you can find in Canada:

Jos Louis
Jos Louis is Canada’s most famous confection. On the outside, it looks quite simple – a snack fully covered in milky chocolate. But when you take your first bite and look inside, there’s a whole new world. It is actually made up of two red velvet cakes with creamy filling in between. It was first created in 1932 and was named after two brothers, Joseph and Louis. Once you eat this sweet, you’ll want endless packets of them. This iconic treat got so famous that a giant Jos Louis cake has been created from its likeness. It’s packed with a creamy marshmallow puree filling which also tastes incredible!

Timbits is another Canada-based brand that sells bite-sized fried dough confectionery. The very well-known company Tim Horton launched Timbits in 2009 and this snack has been loved in Canada ever since. They are available in several flavors and colors. The next time you find yourself looking for Canadian treats, these mouth watering donuts are well worth a try!

Caesar is another best-selling treat of Canada. It is a simple, yet unique cocktail comprised of tomatoes and many other strange garnishes and ingredients. Canadians love this beverage–they suggest it’s quite refreshing. Other than tomatoes, it may contain hot sauce, vodka and Worcestershire sauce. It tastes best when chilled with ice cubes. It is garnished with different things – mini burgers, bagel or even sometimes smoked meat. It is a unique and special beverage, and it definitely needs to be tried least once!

Butter Tarts
Another sweet Canda has to offer you are Butter Tarts. They are a staple in Canadian culture. They’re sweet, soft, buttery and gooey. This pastry has a flaky exterior and a sugary, buttery filling. For the garnishing, they mostly add walnuts – or raisins. This is another terrific recipe taking its initiative from Canada. And do not confuse these tarts with butter pie or bread and butter pudding. This is something entirely different – the quintessential dessert of Canada.

Who doesn’t like French fries? And who doesn’t love cheese? This dish from Canadian cuisine contains BOTH! It is heavenly and savory, and you will never get enough of it. French fries and cheese curds are topped with light brown gravy. In Canada, it is usually sold in a small, greasy-spoon diner. It is served hot. Sometimes, beef or pork based gravy may also be used. But mostly, thin chicken, veal or turkey is used to make the brown, delicious gravy. As for vegetarians, they also serve vegetable gravies in different restaurants.

In addition to these, there are several other treats and fast food originating in Canada. But these are the top five – everyone worships these.