While eating one of your favourite snacks, have you ever wondered just who exactly had such a happy accident and invented something that you love and cherish so much? It would only be fit if such amazing foods came into existence with a big bang. Have you ever thought about the origins of any snacks you ate and wondered if their stories were as fascinating as their taste? Well, yes, they are! Here are the origin stories of some snacks that you couldn’t even imagine your life without.

Imagine the happiest and most fun place on earth… Did you imagine Disneyland? Yes, the origins of Doritos can be traced all the way to Disneyland. Only months after the inauguration of Disneyland in 1955, Frito-Lay opened a Mexican restaurant called in Casa de Fritos in Frontierland. The scrumptious chips, today known as Doritos, were first sold at that very restaurant and were made of fried tortillas which would otherwise have been discarded. Could you possibly think of a happier coincidence?

The infamous lime flavoured soda, 7-Up was created by Charles Grigg in 1929. It was introduced as Bib-Label Lithiated Lemon-Lime Soda (if that isn’t a mouthful), it had lithium citrate as a major ingredient of the formula. Lithium Citrate is known as a mood-stabilizing drug, commonly used in the 19th and 20th centuries and still sometimes prescribed to people with bipolar disorder and other behavioural mood disorders. The beverage’s name was later shortened to 7Up Lithiated Lemon Soda and to just 7Up in 1936.

Ever wondered how the well-known chocolate candy bar, Snickers got its name? Just hearing the word “Snickers” you instantly imagine the candy, it’s as if you can almost taste it. When the Mars family introduced the candy bar they were all but out of names, they thought long and hard and named it Snickers. You’d never guess who they named it after. Well, apparently, they had a favourite horse… that’s correct. The horse was named Snickers (way before they named the candy bar, I might add)!

In the late 70’s, Mr. Greenburg with two of his friends; Leonard Marsh and Hyman Golden, came up with the idea to produce a soft drink which would be flavoured only using natural juice. The initial efforts were an explosive failure, literally! The carbonated apple juice that they marketed would ferment in its bottles producing gas and sent the caps of the bottles flying. They named the drink Snapple; it was an amalgam of ‘snappy’ and ‘apple’, you get the idea, right? It was soon adopted by the company as a whole.

The more you know!